Travel brings power and love back into your life.
— Rumi

Travel Moments with Kids...

This is a blog for those who share, or perhaps long for, a passion and curiosity for this thing called "family travel."  The inspiration to put these writings into the world is about shedding light on the topic of family travel, a decision that undeniably opens up different doors to the world—a world that even those who don’t travel have a deep desire to understand. 

Here you can read my "moments," which are stories about my family travels to 50+ countries and counting, with my husband Sean and two kids, Braeden and Raegan.  Each moment is remembered not only for its place and time, but its texture—the rich color and quality of each place, culture, and person we experienced—and the thoughts and feelings they inspired.  

While the final imprints of these moments on my own kids might still be unseen, I offer with these writings a wish.  A wish that our Travel Moments With Kids might inspire your own Travel Moments With Kids, expanding the borders and colors of your lives as a family and as individuals in this world—a world in which we are all ultimately striving to be happy, healthy, developing people and generations who leave this life having lived on purpose.  

Each moment offers me a rich and memorable life, along with, travel lessons, which I happily pass along to you.

Each day of our lives, we make deposits into the memory banks of our children.
— Charles R. Swindoll


Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the MOMENTS that take your breath away.


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Travel is rebellion in its purest form. We follow our hearts. We free ourselves from labels. We lose control willingly. We trade a role for reality. We love the unfamiliar. We trust strangers. We own only what we can carry. We search for better questions, not answers. In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.
— Anonymous

To date we have traveled to 50+ countries- check them out and let me know if you have questions!



Each day of our lives, we make deposits into the memory banks of our children.

People often ask me how I became such an evangelist for traveling with my family, and how those experiences landed me here, with you, on this blog.  To learn more about my family and our love for travel, visit our story.