Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the MOMENTS that take your breath away.

Blog Moments & Stories


a moment.....

The intimate and life defining moments shared in My "Moments" blogs are an account of my family's experiences—told from my memories of the places we’ve been, the people we've met, and the emotions and wisdom they've inspired.

Most of the moments I share are not written during, but after they have passed; each one beginning to reflect different parts of me as a mother, wife, woman, and traveler.  In a similar way, the issues and challenges I have discovered about the topic, also reveal different parts of how my family experiences the world and how the world experiences us—societal, economical, cultural, spiritual, political, financial and everything in between.  Topics such as safety, fear, family dynamics, and strongly held beliefs, all could be tested and reshaped, should we let them.  

While the final imprints of these moments on my own kids might still be unseen, I offer with these writings a wish.  A wish that our Travel Moments With Kids might inspire your own Travel Moments With Kids, expanding the borders and colors of your lives as a family and as individuals in this world—a world in which we are all ultimately striving to be happy, healthy, developing people and generations who leave this life having lived on purpose.  



A Story.....

My stories are less about the isolated experiences and emotions and more about tips, tricks and learnings.

I will also include the tips and tricks we learned along the way when visiting certain locations.  I find my stories can give you the practical- while my moments will give you my deeper and inner learnings as a traveler, mother and women. 

My stories will give you an opportunity to learn about our overall experience. This includes how we prepared for the trip, places we visited, restaurants we ate at and experiences we had.


Each moment & Story shared, is also an invitation to you...

To this end, I hope this blog also becomes a chance for you to share your own experiences, thoughts, feelings, hopes, desires, fears or regrets.  A chance to help me, and others who share the passion or curiosity to travel more with their kids, help uncover or release within themselves or their family, something that matters—matters to their journey or the journey of others, known or yet to be known.